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Course Name: Tally with GST (TALLY)
Duration: 3 Months
Course Details

Detailed Syllabus of Tally.ERP9 With GST

1. Company Info

2. Accounting Information

3. Accounting Information
 Accounting Configuration & Features
 Group Creation
 Multiple Group Creation
 Ledger Creation
 Multiple Ledger Creation
 New Voucher Creation
 Advance Ledger Creation

4. Inventory Information
 Inventory configuration &

5. Voucher Entry

6. Advanced Accounting Features

7. Taxation

8. Data management & Administration

9. Reports

 Display financial statements
(Display balance – sheet,
configuring the balance sheet,
Integrate accounts with
inventory, setting closingstock manually in the balance
sheet with different stock
valuation methods)

11. Introduction to GST
 Concept of GST
 Rate of GST
 GST in other countries
 Categories of GST
 Other concepts.

12. GST (Goods & Services Tax)

Activating GST For Your Company 

Setting Up GST Rates

Updating Stock Items and Stock Groups

Updating a Service Ledger

Updating Sales and Purchase Ledgers

Updating Party GSTIN

Creating GST Ledgers





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